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Top 5 Cyber Weekend Deals to Boost Your Tackle and Fishing Gear

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Rods, reels, tackle, and lures - every angler has a dream in their hearts come Christmas time. If you're like me, you know just how dangerous it can be to pull up to your local tackle shop or Walmart fishing section and just spend some time looking through the alluring, glittery items. At $1 or $2 bucks a pop, it's so easy to fill the bottom quarter of your basket leaving you wondering how in the world the final total is in the $100's. Amazon is beginning to get just as enticing, with their Cyber Weekend deals on items like this 3-set of Jitterbug lures: https://amzn.to/2Vcf00P

As you can see from this price graph, these lures have shrunk in price significantly for the Black Friday/Cyber Weekend extension brought about by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. To help readers make informed decisions about their purchases, I will be attempting to employ these graphs wherever possible.

The following Cyber Monday deals should help you either boost your fishing equipment or help someone get into fishing, whether that's family, friends, or co-workers. Each section of this article will represent a different fishing company - to make it easier for you, I will be linking each company's Cyber Monday page in the header for easy access. I'll analyze what is to be the best Cyber Monday deal for each company (considering what other companies are offering, what the item usually costs, and the margin of the reduction in price) and show an amazon alternative that has price data for certain. Without further ado, the Cyber Monday deals:

1. FishUSA (Deals from 10%-85%)

Make no mistake, FishUSA is a HUUUUGE company, and they have really thrown their hat into the ring with this Cyber Monday weekend with some equally HUGE savings. They are boasting Shimano deals of 40% off, free shipping on orders over $60, and the section I'm personally fond of: Cyber Monday/Clearance combos of up to 85% off original price! Perusing their section, one great deal we found were these Froggs Toggs waders marked down to $59.99. Comparatively, Amazon has a very similar wader from the same brand with a similar price: https://amzn.to/37kFnqU

2. Tackle Direct (Deals from 10%-15%)

Tackle Direct's holiday deals are a little bit different - they usually have a hefty sale section this time of the year, complete with 50%+ markdowns (linked in the header) but their Cyber Monday and holiday sales tend to manifest as a blanket coupon rather than a specific set if markdown items. For now, they have two available coupons; THANKS10 for a Thanksgiving 10% off, and HOLIDAYS15 for 15% off! From out view, one of the better deals we found in their site (although, there are a large amount of INCREDIBLE deals) would be their Maxel OMGS 7 Foot Rod, marked down $100! We could not find a comparable item on Amazon, but this would be surefire savings if you are in the market for a new rod.

3. Tackle Warehouse (Deals up to 20%)

Tackle Warehouse, as you may already know, is a fairly big retailer with some choice wholesale prices. If you are unfamiliar with their brand, they are known for supplying cheap lure bundles that can get you started in multiple biomes, either fresh or salt water. For Cyber Monday they are boasting up to 20% off almost everything sitewide, with an added 10% off bonus for specific brands. We found this Fishing Cast Reel from 13 Fishing marked down 22% after all is said and done, which we believe is a fine deal for a casting reel of this caliber and brand!

BUT WAIT! SAVINGS ALERT! We found the exact same product on Amazon for an additional $50 off! https://amzn.to/33uvm9z

4. West Marine (Deals from 10% to 50%)

West Marine has made a name for themselves with their production of reliable fishing and boating equipment for the avid angler. It goes to show that a brand that takes pride in their product would hold a responsible sale, limited to supplies that are on hand (So shop early!). Luckily, their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales are lasting until the end of November to keep up with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Now, seeing West Marine's sales, it's clearly observable that they have a wide array of helpful gadgets for sale - be it lifevests, radios, swimming and fun equipment, or fishing gear. Some of the sales we though were most interesting were the boasted $500 off for their Garmin equipment - which is a brand that needs no introduction. They have a 25% off deal for their SIMRAD GO9 SXE Fishfinder/Chartplotter combo, which would be a perfect buy for anyone with a boat that could use this upgrade. Their deals clearly beat Amazon's (which go for $100 more for the same item) but Amazon does have the GO7 earlier version listed at a slightly lower price: https://amzn.to/3mk6Waf

5. Discount Tackle (Deals from 10%-70%)

When I make these lists, I always try to include one discount brand store in order to allow shoppers to find options that aren't limited to one-time events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Discount stores are often well-regarded for their low prices that are able to match customer needs; if their products didn't work, they would be out of business. Because of this, I had to include Discount Tackle, which is one of the most well known online fishing discount brands. And to be fair, they have some great Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals!

For this company, while searching for deals, I decided to link their entire lure sale section which has deals from 50% to 70% off! Really, this would be the place to bulk buy some lures from. To compare, I found this cool crayfish lure on Amazon at a similar price: https://amzn.to/3o6fvpx

That concludes my master Cyber Monday list! I hope you found it useful! You're more than welcome to contact us if you liked this list at thevastnews@gmail.com, or if you want to send us pictures of your fishing adventures for our bi-weekly newsletter! Make sure to follow us on social media at the social media bar below!

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