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Top 5 Awesome Black Friday Deals For Your Aquarium

You know what season it is! Turkey season! The season where glistening canned cranberry jam juicily entices you to scoop it's bittersweet goodness on top of your buttery slice of turkey or smoky ham. Creamy mashed potatoes and steamed green beans sit happily in containers on the table - and you know everything is perfect.

Well, this season also means another fun thing: BLACK FRIDAY DEALS! I'm personally always on the lookout for new tech or new decorations during Black Friday, seeing as Black Friday is the perfect time to secure some savings on your purchases. You can't be dis-illusioned though, as Black Friday deals aren't savings unless you are taking advantage of a Black Friday deal that you really need. Seeing a Black Friday sale on a new printer when you already have three printers is probably not the best way to use Black Friday.

To help our reef tank and aquarium readers, we wanted to display a selection of Black Friday deals from reputable aquarium supply websites that we thought would be great for new and old aquarium or reef enthusiasts alike, especially since we have and ocean of respect for people who hold the sea and it's amazing aquatic life in their hearts.

Without further ado, here are the top five Black Friday deals that we wanted to share! Note, clicking any of the linked headings will take you directly to the Black Friday page for that website:

1. Bulk Reef Supply (Deals from 10%-25% off)

Bulk Reef Supply is a fairly well known name in reef and aquarium supplies, and since they already have a reputation for low prices, you could imagine their Black Friday deals are also fairly competitive. Their customer service is extremely helpful and willing to provide recommendations based on your needs, so if you are looking for something but aren't sure which brand or version would fit best, you should give them a call.

Clicking the linked header will take you directly to their Black Friday page, but I thought some of their best deals included these Reef Octopus internal protein skimmers which are marked as 25% - fairly big savings if you are in the market for a protein skimmer. These protein skimmers are actually bigger than the common skimmers you would normally find at an aquatics store, but they are powered by a DC motor which allows for more fine tuning in comparison to the traditionally AC motor variety.

2. Aquacave (Deals from 10%-30%)

Aquacave, which is located in Illinois, started in 2001 as a small vendor but soon grew to be a supplier of premium tank supplies for both saltwater and freshwater tanks. They tend to have steep prices but their items are almost always high quality, so no complaints there. If you are in the market for some higher end reef or tank supplies, check out their Black Friday page linked in the header above.

The best deal I could see from their selection was their array of Polyplab acids and droppers, which provide critical nutrients to reefs making this an excellent choice for reef tank enthusiasts. All of their Polyplab amino acid products, including the Polyplab plus, are marked down by 15%.

3. Marine Depot (Deals from 10%-30%)

Marine depot is a pretty large supplier of reef tank and aquarium supplies. Their website is not as user friendly as some of the others, so you might have better luck following the Black Friday page link above rather than digging through the website yourself (it was like 4-5 clicks to get to the real Black Friday deal page), but despite that I have experienced their lower prices before, and their reputation has earned them a spot on this list.

They are boasting the most about 30% off a group of their coral supplements, putting them around $7-$9 which makes them cheaper than the Polyplab acids I mentioned from Aquacave, although the Aquacave variety includes more deals for amino acid additives than Marine Depot.

But I thought this clownfish koozie would make an awesome easy Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for your friend or family member who owns a fish tank: https://bit.ly/3fH02te

4. Saltwater Aquarium (Deals from 10%-20%)

Saltwater Aquarium is a smaller retailer with an emphasis on their social media marketing strategies, which has worked fairly well for them and their prices have earned them a spot on this list.

Looking through the various deals they were offering, I stumbled upon these external algae scrubbers by Clear Water Products, with ranges from 60 gallons - 350 gallon tanks, that are marked down 15%. I'm actually not certain if this is a good deal - I don't know alot about Clear Water Products, but I do know that their price range is pretty killer.

5. Marine and Reef (Deals from 10%-12%)

Marine and Reef company are primarily focused on supplying reef tank products, but they have a number of aquarium and fish tank products to choose from as well. I included them on this Black Friday list for one special reason; they have a sitewide 12% off deal going on until 11/30/2020 so it's the perfect way to shop around for multiple products at a mark-down that other websites might have missed. Because of this I don't have a special item to mention, although finding ways to save might be fun!

This concludes the main list of Black Friday deals, but if you are looking for specifics or beginner products, you could check out these reliable Black Friday deals on Amazon:

- This really cheap $10 LED aquarium light set: https://amzn.to/33l9PjB

- This $90 Fluval sea pump for fish tanks and aquariums: https://amzn.to/3mbG6RE

- These cute, colorful tank plant decorations for 6$: https://amzn.to/3nVYHSb

- A 500ml bottle of water conditioner for $16: https://amzn.to/3mc8vXA

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