• Damon Swisher

Take Your Pet Squid Out for a Walk - or A Ride

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Would it be easier to ride a bike if you had 8 legs?

What about if your bike had 8 legs? In a stroke of creativity - Lettuce Craft on Youtube went on Reddit and shared his newest metalworking master piece - this beautiful and mesmerizing (and oddly realistic) cephalopod-adorned bicycle, allowing us to answer JUST that question - and looked pretty cool while doing it.

We wanted to share these photos of the bike with you because it really is a wonderful wort of art - it's almost the kind of thing you could see at an art museum; sans the bike. And if it's squid related artwork, of course we are going to love it.

The metal of the squid is treated with an unusual tempering giving it this spacey, groovy-type look which fits well with the body of the squid. They eye, which appears to be some sort of epoxy, matches the color scheme perfectly, and almost makes the squid seem alive. It appears to be a representation of a deep sea giant squid, which has been a mystery to science for a long time. Truly a groovy bike to ride around town. I bet you'd be the popular guy if you rode around Atlantis in this, too!

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