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Marine Biology Playground: A Resource For Deep Sea Creatures

Photos taken from Natural World Facts Website

Vampire squids, Coelecanths, and Great White Sharks... oh my!!

The Deep Sea is populated by a vast number of special marine species. If you haven't taken a look already, the creatures that spawn from those inky black depths are some of the strangest things you'll ever see - and that's why we LOVE them!

Clothed in prismatic wonders or bioluminescent dresses, the creatures that exist within the deep sea are as diverse as they are shocking. The deeper you go, the more important light becomes - because in a place with no light, what are you to do but generate some light of your own?

If you're curious or want to get a quick look at some of these beautiful creatures, you should check out The Deep Sea Hub at Natural World Facts - much like us, Natural World Facts appreciates the species that the sea harbors, and they share a number of facts about these creatures extending from the Twilight Zone all the way to The Abyssal Plain, which has a depth between 3,000 and 6,000 meters. Natural World Facts also has informational videos about these marine species, chock full of stunning footage from around the world.

Not only does Natural World Facts share videos and information about the deep sea, but as their name would imply - they also share videos and facts about all manner of species on Planet Earth. If your interested in the natural history of our planet, including the forests and jungles and more, you will find yourself right at home browsing through their website.

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